Born and Raised Austin.

Allen Albert is a rare Austinite. As a kid, he used to hunt and race BMX in big fields that are now commercially developed. Over the years between college, serving in the United States Army, working for the Texas State Legislature and owning an irrigation company Allen has grown up with Austin.

Kratai Albert is a first generation immigrant and transplanted to Austin at a young age. A self motivator she is the first in her family to go to college and open her first business at the age of 28 as a health coach and fitness trainer. She too as seen Austin evolve into a trendsetting city.  

Both have lived in Austin a long time and watched the city's natural resources diminish over time with its popularity surge. While Austin has progressed as a forward thinking city making grand strides in the green and sustainable movement however, irrigation systems in Austin are still lagging behind and wasting precious water. City ordinances make it difficult for businesses and homeowners to simultaneously obey watering restrictions while nurturing their landscape investment.

Echelon Innovative Outdoor Concepts is the future of landscaping with intelligent wireless irrigation and sustainable landscapes ideas. We make it a bit easier to showcase your property and save Texas resources.

Kratai and Allen Albert married (almost) 20 years.

Kratai and Allen Albert married (almost) 20 years.

Allen Albert - Licensed Irrigator 11299